A Day For The Past

Hello to the day I don’t have to work.
Hello to the day I don’t have to up,
Hello to the day I get to reminisce.
Hello to the first day of my life.
Saturdays were made for me, I suppose–
So, Saturdays are my days, I propose.
It’s good to know I can think of the past,
(I’m on my way to the past.)
With just a few regrets lining up.
The ones I feel, they are lessons.
I’ll take these lessons anytime, any day;
They helped me get here.
The past needs a filter, can we
separate the good from the bad?
The past needs a rope, can we tie the strings together?
The past needs a box, can we lock it up forever?,
So we need not remember unpleasant things
and regret what has been forgiven?.
Someone once asked,
“what would you do if we were to start all over again?.”
Is it alright to let our past define us?,
Or do we just forge ahead, knowing—
We can rewrite our stories?.
Do we take the past as something that never happened?
Ignore it, or take it as our lessons and work on ourselves,
Promising to never make those mistakes again?.
Hopefully, a day would come in the present…
When all these lessons would be visited.
We can sit and try to understand our purpose.
Why we are where we are.
No matter how heavy our past might be,
We have the freewill to not let them
Define the present.