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Filled with promises and sketches. Sure as they can be, hazy as anything.
Dreams are as free as birds of the air.

Release them at the break of dawn with the hope that they’ll be back at night. Trust in your dreams that come when you sleep, and happen when you are awake.
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The Bad Will, The Good Will, and The Mad Will

There’s a lot to say for ourselves when it comes to the mind. As there is free will for all, so can we all determine whatever… knowing fully well that we’ll bear our “crosses”.

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Everyday is fresh, everyday is new;
everyday is what it is.
Everyday is neat, everyday is clear,
everyday is how it is.
Some days are rough, some days are smooth,
everyday is how you play.
Everyday is short, everyday is long;
everyday, it is what you do.
Some days are glad, some days are sad,
everyday is how you feel.
Everyday is good, everyday is bad,
everyday is what you do.
Everyday is blessed, everyday is cursed;
everyday is whom you are.
Everyday is right, everyday is wrong,
everyday is what you want.
Everyday is straight, everyday is crooked,
everyday is the path you take.
One day, you will realize that everyday will come to an end.
You will be left with your proceeds from the days….
so ask yourself…..what do you want to make of your Everyday??

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When we embrace our pain and don’t push it away,when we don’t fight it,then we start to heal. Then we see other things that are not “pain”. We can get found, though we are lost, “lost” is not always the end.
We ask ourselves,”what do I want?, what do I need?, where do I want to be?”. It is necessary, but is it?. Where are we going?, is anything possible?, is anything impossible?,what is fake and what is real?…questions, that might never be answered. People say, to know where you are going, you have to go back to where you are coming from. To know your future, you have to visit the past. Is this necessary, or is this not? Are these questions necessary, or are they not?.
It all has to do with our ability to feel. That’s the essence of “the man”…to feel…Emotions are a driving force. Some believe that Stoics have a “feeling” that makes them stoic.
Sense and Emotions should be one topic on its own. We think when we feel too much, then we should apply sense so we’ll not act rash. Emotions…our emotions could be the death of us. Our emotions could heal us, they could make or mar us and one thing is sure….
They can be overwhelming.
(to be continued)



Welcome to ScarCity, where almost everyone’s got scars. Welcome to the city of Scars, where dreams are scarce.

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The pain you feel is the pain that you deny…

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